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ENT at the British Birdfair 2013
What´s new?
Estonia is amongst the world´s top migration locations!
Win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia!
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ENT at the British Birdfair 2013

The 2013 British Birdfair will take place at Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland on Friday 16th – Sunday 18th August. This is the sixth time Estonian Nature Tours (ENT) has participated in the biggest bird and ecotourism fair in the world as an exhibitor. Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism throughout Estonia. We have more than 10 years experience in organising outstanding wildlife holidays in Estonia and the feedback from our clients has always been very positive. We would be happy to meet with you and present our services whatever time is suitable for you during Birdfair 2013.

Visit us in Marquee 5 Stand 32!

Estonia has been chosen to appear among the 30 of the world´s most dramatic migration locations for its amazing spring and autumn passage of birds, involving millions of wildfowl and waders flying along the coast between the Baltic Sea and breeding grounds on the Arctic tundra.

Estonian Nature Tours invites you to...

Migration hotspots of the world
on Saturday 17th August 9:30 am - 9:50 am
Lecture Marquee 1
Presenter: Tim Harris
The author of RSPB book „Migration Hotspots: The World´s Best Migration Sites“

The best places to see migrating birds and the reasons why those places are so good. From Point Pelee to Beidaihe, a “Cook’s tour” of some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring migration sites – and the birds that use them every year.

NB! Click here to read about a very new tour we have on offer –
Migration Hotspots in Estonia...

Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus)
Photo: Luke Massey

Estonian Nature Tours visited Russia at the beginning of July to find new destinations for birdwatching and wildlife photography holidays.

We invite you to...

Lake Baikal: The Pearl of Siberia
on Friday 16th August 4:00 - 4:20 pm
Lecture Marquee 1
Presenter: Tarvo Valker
The member of Estonian Ornithological Society Council, bird guide

Lake Baikal is home to more than 2,000 species of plants and animals, two-thirds of which can be found nowhere else in the world. It is the deepest and oldest freshwater lake in the world. Located in south-central Siberia, not far from the Mongolian border and surrounded by mountains, forests and wild rivers, Baikal is an immense and breathtaking area of natural beauty. An incredibly magical place for watching and photographing birds and mammals!

Brown Bear (Ursus arctos). Baikal lake, Siberia, Russia July 2013.
Photo: Remo Savisaar

Estonia is an up-and-coming destination for wildlife photography, boasting fantastic species such as Brown Bear and Elk, White-tailed Eagle, Wild Boar and Roe Deer.

Estonian Nature Tours invites you to...

Wildlife Photography in Estonia
on Saturday 17th August 11:00 - 13:00am
Marquee 5, Stand 32
Presenter: Luke Massey
Luke has been obsessed with wildlife since he can remember, this has led to a career in photographing and filming animals, recently working alongside the BBC natural history unit. He has travelled around the world but keeps coming back to Estonia, one of his favourite locations.

Estonia is a hidden gem in Europe, complete with a large array of different habitats, as well as the highest population of wolves, bear and lynx in Europe, supported by a cast including eagles, cranes, geese and many other mammals. No matter what time of year, there is always something to train your camera on in Estonia. Luke will talk of his experiences with bears, eagles and other species he has come across in Estonia. From sitting out in -40C conditions waiting for a White-tailed Eagle to appear, to watching an opening in a wood waiting for a bear to emerge from the vegetation. Join him at this talk and maybe you'll be out taking your own photos of the wildlife that calls Estonia its home soon.

Day two in the eagle hide (March 2013) and the feathers were flying, three eagles were visiting the hide throughout the day (2 x adults, 1 x juvenile). One of the adults was really aggressive towards both of the other eagles, as you can see it was putting it's talons to good use tearing out the down from the others.

Photo: Luke Massey

What´s new?

For 2014 we offer new trips for birdwatchers who are keen to see woodpeckers (in all, eight species can been found in Estonia!). We also have something new for nature lovers who are keen to see just brown bears or search for the impressive selection of orchids that occur in Estonia.


Lady´s Slipper
Photo: Neil Aldridge

On May 26 it was the 10th jubilee of Estonian Nature Tours and in celebration we have in store some surprises for our clients and Facebook followers.

Birdwatching tour – Estonia in Autumn
BIRTHDAY PRICE: 955 € pp. (before 1150 € pp.)

Thu 12th Sep - Thu 19th Sep 2013 BOOK HERE...
Fri 19th Sep - Fri 26th Sep 2014 BOOK HERE...

To read Tour itinerary click here...

Make a quick decision – the number of places are limited! Offer ends on August 31, 2013.

Birding and mammal watching in autumn in Estonia is relatively easy compared with spring as the daylight in the peak migration period starts around 7 a.m.

Common Cranes
Photo: Arne Ader

There are few places left on a Birdwatching Exclusive Holiday in Autumn 2013! Join Estonian Nature Tours, Speyside Wildlife and Bird Watching magazine on an eight-day fully-inclusive holiday amid unique, untouched nature with winding rivers, vast floodplains, mires, bogs and primeval forests. Read more...

Bookings are handled by our specialist travel partner Speyside Wildlife. Read more...

The bears in Alutaguse lost their mind this Autumn – the hurly-burly was available via the internet camera almost on a nightly basis from late September until to the end of October. They were roaring around in pairs and with the whole family! Sometimes they were really anxious and showed up in the daylight. On the very best nights one could seen from 7 to 9 bears from the hide. Click here and read more what happened in Estonia in October last year...

Brown Bear family in Alutaguse
Photo: Aare Udras

Estonia is amongst the world´s top migration locations!

We are very happy and proud to say that...

Estonia has been chosen to appear among the top 30 migration locations in the world, most dramatic for its amazing spring and autumn passage of birds, involving millions of wildfowl and waders flying along the coast between the Baltic Sea and breeding grounds on the Arctic tundra. In addition, there is an exceptional migration of songbirds through the country each autumn, while in winter there are large congregations of wildfowl (including Steller's Eider, now considered a vulnerable species by BirdLife International) along its coastline. Estonia is a crucial country for birds and a visit or two should be on every birder's itinerary!

The RSPB book “Migration Hotspots: The World´s Best Bird Migration Sites” by Tim Harris is now available in book stores and internet.

Migration Hotspots takes a look at 30 of the locations where the planet's most dramatic bird migration can be witnessed, from raptor bottlenecks such as Veracruz (Mexico) and the Strait of Messina (Italy) to places like Point Pelée (Canada) and Beidaihe (China) where spectacular falls of songbirds can take place. And from wetlands where huge numbers of waders stop over each spring and autumn to the great rarity islands of Scilly and Heligoland.

The book covers each of the world's major avian flyways and features stunning photography throughout. The geographical reasons for the importance of each hotspot are explained, with a summary of the different birds that pass through and the best times of year to see them, and an introductory chapter summarises birds' migration strategies. In Estonia special attention is focused on Matsalu National Park, but a brief overview is also given about other important key areas, such as Sõrve, Kabli, Põõsaspea and Mehikoorma. Estonian texts were compiled with the assistance of Tarvo Valker (and Marika Mann), illustrative photographs were purchased by Estonian Nature Tours.

Win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia!

Complete the questionnaire and win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia! Right answers should be marked with an “X”.
Download the questionnaire here... and send it to info@naturetours.ee
All the answers can be found on our webpage: www.naturetours.ee

Grand Prize: Birdwatching holiday, Great Snipe and Woodpeckers.
Price: 695 €
A 5-day fully-inclusive holiday in search Great Snipe and woodpeckers (in all, eight species can been found in Estonia!)

Lot 1: Brown Bear tracking and watching. Price 100 €. Read more...
Lot 2: Flying Squirrel Study trip. Price: 100 €. Read more...
Lot 3: Beaver boat-trip. Price: 85 €.

Correct entries will be placed into a draw. Call on +372 5349 6695 or e-mail info@naturetours.ee for more detailed information of prizes. Drawing lots will be held on 1st September.

Estonian Nature Tours brochure 2014 is now available

With pleasure, we are continiously offering individual bookings on our fully-inclusive holidays. To order Estonian Nature Tours brochure 2014 (for free) enter your details here...

See the selection of best birdwatching, mammal tours and other wildlife holidays in Estonia available for the year 2014 by clicking here...

Why Estonian Nature Tours?

Because we care..

We care about our clients. We try as much as possible to respond to requests quickly. We always communicate with our customers sincerely and personally. Cordiality and humor are also important to us and at the same time, we expect the mutual respect – we don´t think that our customer is a “king”, our client is our guest and we want to take care of him (or her) in the best possible way. Believe it or not - we have developed a fan club, with many of our customers visiting Estonia with our help four or even five times! One more thing that makes us special – there are very few tourist companies where the owner takes the time to greet a group in the airport or in the office (we are located in the countryside). And maybe there are not any other companies in the world where the owner bakes a cake for her customers or offers a picnic-basket (made together with her colleague) on an evening beaver boat-trip. We always want your trip to be special and believe little details like these make the difference.

Raspberry (and blackcurrant) cake
Photo: Tuuli Mann

We care about wildlife. Our goal is to bring people closer to nature but Estonian Nature Tours do not want to show the species at any cost using any technique. We treat the wildlife we are watching with respect and while trying to give you the best views we can we won’t disturb the birds and animals in their habitats.
We understand the need to protect and reduce our impact on the environment and along with other organisaiotns Estonian Nature Tours and the Ministry of Envionment issued a Free Will Contract in May 2013. We work closely also with the Estonian Environmental Board and support the yearly Young Conservationist Award through independent NGO Estonian Fund for Nature. With the help of our clients we donate to protect Flying Squirrels and their habitat and with PAN Park labeled tours we contribute to preservation of the most unique reserves of Europe.

Signing the Free Will Contract
Photo: Maris Saar


We care about our country. We are very proud of our country – Estonia is a land of great natural beauty. With its Siberian-like forests, Scandinavian peat-bogs, watermeadows full of geese and waders, and a fascinating coastline, together with a low human population, empty roads and excellent infrastructure, Estonia has rapidly become a favourite wildlife destination in Europe.
It is cosy and safe in Estonia. We have four seasons, plenty of space and quietness and unspoiled nature. Although it takes no more than a few hours to drive from one end of Estonia to another, no matter in which direction, you realize – once you are there – that it takes more than a couple of days to wander around locally. Swamps and bogs, floodplains and sea-shore meadows, old-growth forests and reed-beds, sea and coastal dunes, northern and western klint, a multitude of small islets in the west and hill country in the south – our small country has so much surprise and variability to offer.
One more thing that makes Estonia really special: these are people who care about their assets and give their best to preserve this wealth for their descendants. Nature conservation in Estonia is motivated and strong.
For us, it has been an honour and a privilege to bring people closer to our nature. And we would like to express our gratitude to each and every client for helping us to open eyes and heart to teach us to be proud of our country and its wildlife.

Tolkuse bog
Photo: Mati Kose

We care about our people. The great strength of Estonian Nature Tours is the professionalism of its guides. It has taken years of work and perseverance to find all these people around us, and gain the trust and flexibility as well as good cooperation. All of our leaders are among the best all-round naturalists in Estonia with a wealth of field and leadership experience to draw upon. This, combined with their relaxed and flexible approach contributes greatly to the success of our tours. If there is a need (such as during mammal tours) we also link up with local experts, to ensure that we are availing of the most up-to-date information. Above all, our aim is to provide an experience that will be enjoyed and remembered by all.

ENT also believes cooperation with the local community is an essential part of organising nature trips. Lunch at a gourmet restaurant cannot compare with the direct experience that guests receive having conversations with locals at a farm picnic or buying handicrafts and farm products. This creates a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience and a feeling that we and our guests have been able to give something back by making contact with locals, thereby valuing them and leaving warm feelings in the hearts of our guests... we find that gratitude for this towards the tour organiser is experienced over and over again.

Kihnu skirts
Photo: Mikko Virta

Stop thinking about it – come to ESTONIA!



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