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ENT at the British Birdfair 2012.
Win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia!
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ENT at the British Birdfair 2012

The 2012 British Birdfair will take place at Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland on Friday 17th – Sunday 19th August. This is the fifth time Estonian Nature Tours (ENT) has participated in the bird and ecotourism fair as an exhibitor. Read more...

Estonian Nature Tours invites you
on Friday 17th August 4:00 - 4:20 pm
Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre

Estonia- one of the first bird ringing country´s in the world!
Presenter: Tarvo Valker
The member of Estonian Ornithological Society Council, bird guide

First bird, an Oystercatcher was ringed in Estonia in June 1910, only ten years after bird ringing activity was started in the world. During 100 years 4 million birds were marked with different type of rings. The presentation will give overview of the long history of bird ringing activity in Estonia and talk about the greatest findings from this period.

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Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism throughout Estonia. We have 10 years experience in organising outstanding wildlife holidays in Estonia and the feedback from our clients has always been excellent. We would be happy to meet with you and give you a presentation of our services whatever time is suitable for you during Birdfair 2012. This year, we offer new trips to see forest birds in early spring and mammals in autumn, as well as a butterfly and wildlife photography tours, plus totally new opportunities – raccoon dog tracking and elk & wild boar safaries.

Visit us in Marquee 5 Stand 32!

Win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia!

Complete the questionnaire and win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia! Right answers should be marked with “X”.

Grand Prize:
Birdwatching holiday Estonia – A Shelter For Western Taiga Forest Birds. Read more...
Price: 860 €
An 6-day fully-inclusive holiday in search of owls, woodpeckers, galliformes and other forest specialities of Estonia

Lot 1: Brown Bear tracking and watching. Price 100 €. Read more...
Lot 2: Flying Squirrel Study trip. Price: 100 €. Read more...
Lot 3: Beaver boat-trip. Price: 85 €.


Brown Bear
Photo: Agris Krusts


The winner will be chosen completely by random from among the participants with all the right answers. Call on +372 5349 6695 or e-mail info@naturetours.ee for more detailed information of prizes.

Download the questionnaire here... and send it to info@naturetours.ee.
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Drawing lots will be held on 1st September.


Estonian Nature Tours brochure 2013 is now available

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DON´T MISS! Bargain Autumn tours 2012

For birdwatchers who can make a quick decision and are keen to see something specific such as peak autumn migration of songbirds, waders and waterfowls, tens of thousands of Common Cranes or Hazel Grouse, Pygmy Owl, Three-toed Woodpecker and Nutcracker, we now have 3-day bargain tours. Invite a friend, or even a few, contact us, book a suitable period, and start packing! For a group size of 2-6 people, price includes local transportation, guide, two dinners and two nights in hotel/guesthouse with private facilities and breakfasts. Read more...

From 395 € pp.
NB! Birding and mammal watching in autumn in Estonia is relatively easy compared with spring as the daylight in the peak migration period starts around 7 a.m.


Photo: Sven Zacek


Stop thinking about it – come to ESTONIA!

During the autumn migration season, incredible numbers of southward-rushing birds, can be seen with hundreds of thousands of wildfowl (Long-tailed Ducks. Velvet Scoters, Red- and Black-throated Divers) passing there per day at the peak season. In Sõrve bird station 1 million Chaffinches and tens of thousands Bramblings have been counted in one day during autumn migration.
The long outstretching peninsulas offer plenty of good seawatching opportunities. Cape Põõsaspea (Spitham) is the best seawatching place for observing migrating arctic wildfowl, with more than 2 million birds passing through every autumn. It is a spectacular natural show rarely matched anywhere else in Europe!
West-Estonia is also well known as a Crane concentration area. As many as 50 000 birds gather around the bays and lagoons and feed in adjacent fields every autumn. In the last weeks of September, following the masses of Cranes flying in on a golden evening or out on a misty morning from their roosting places is an unforgettable experience. Half of them winter in Spain, others fly to Hungary and continue their migration via Turkey to North-Africa.

Common Cranes
Photo: Remo Savisaar

There is one more important attraction in Estonia – an invasion of Siberian species in autumn. Nutcrackers, who are rather secretive birds at spring time, can be seen now in hundreds. Sometimes they can fly only few meters over your head. As autumn is a time for rare vagrants, one can find here Yellow-browed or Pallas`Leaf Warblers, Yellow-billed Divers, Red Phalaropes.


Photo: Valeri Stserbatõh


Mammal watchers should be ready for surprises as well. September and October is a mating season for Elks therefore, seeing them before sunset is quite easy. To set off on foot late one starry night, into a wild area just a few kilometres from the Russian frontier and listen to the howls of wolves is a unique and thrilling moment, but not entirely unexpected in this most surprising of countries.


Tracks of Wolf
Photo: Greg Funnell
Mammal tracking in North-East Estonia
Photo: Greg Funnell


Why Estonian Nature Tours?

Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism throughout Estonia. We have 10 years experience in organising outstanding wildlife holidays in Estonia and the feedback from our clients has always been excellent.
Birdwatching & Botanical tours, Wildlife Photography, Mammal Watching, Butterfly & Dargonfly holidays, Nature Study tours.
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„For me, it has been an honour and a privilege to bring people closer to nature, and exploring new species and habitats together only nourishes the pleasure in my heart. I would like to express my gratitude to each and every client for helping me to open my eyes and my heart and teaching me to be proud of my country and its wildlife.“

Marika Mann
Executive manager of Estonian Nature Tours




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Stop thinking about it – come to ESTONIA!



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