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Beaver boat-trip
Period: April-August (on request)
Group size: max 8 pax
Duration: 3-4 hours
Grading: Motorboat ride, for all age
Meet the guide: at 6:00 pm in Penijõe village (Lääne county, from Tallinn ca 125 km)
Price: 55 Euro pp. Min group price is 220 Euro
Includes:  English speaking specialist-guide, picnic-basket, boat-trip
Excludes: transfer from Tallinn to the meeting place and back, accommodation


Beaver / Sven Zacek
These trips fill quickly so try to plan your dates and book your holiday as soon as possible!  We also have the expertise to discuss your requirements and arrange suitable accommodation and a rental car for your itinerary. When you would like to travel with your friends we would be happy to give you more information or offer an extra tour with special price whenever you find a suitable time.

Semi-aquatic mammals

Estonian forests and woodlands are well-known for their high number of semi-aquatic mammals. Almost 20 000 Beavers and 2 000 Otters are beyond doubt an exceptional number for such a small territory.

Beaver / Remo Savisaar
Beavers are more than intriguing and sensitive animals with flat tails and lustrous fur. American Indians called the beaver the "sacred center" of the land because this species creates rich habitats for other mammals, fish, turtles, frogs, birds and ducks. Since beavers prefer to dam streams in shallow winding rivers and primeval forests, much of the flooded area becomes wetlands which are cradles of life with biodiversity. Also, the water downstream of dams is cleaner and requires less treatment. The latter occurs because silt collect upstream of older beaver dams, and toxins, such as pesticides, are broken down in the wetlands that beavers create. We should be pleased to have such a strong population of Beavers in Estonia.

Beaver / Remo Savisaar

Spotting Beavers is not too difficult in favourable weather conditions, but during storms and  heavy rain they may retreat  into their lodges for many days. The best time for beaver observation is from April to August.


In the evening (2-3 hours before sunset), you will take a boat ride through Emajõgi or Kasari river to listen to the night sounds of the wetlands. Dusk is the time that  Beavers leave their lodges to spend an industrious night felling riverside trees and saplings. A little quiet patience is required here, but with luck you are likely to see several individuals going about their nightly construction work and swimming about.
The chance to see Beavers is very high (90 – 95%). Also, it is fantastic to watch (and hear) the wetlands and forests come alive as the evening sun has set behind treetops. From the beginning of April,  reedbeds resound with Bittern and Whooper and Bewick´s Svans as well as Bitterns. In late May, Corncrakes, Savi´s Warbler and Great Snipe become very active at dusk.

Beaver / Jan van de Vis

Field clothing

Normal outdoor clothing is recommended. We recommend to dress in layers, because it can be quite chilly during the late hours in the evening. Hiking boots are necessary. Mosquitos can be plentiful in May-June, they are not so much of a problem in April or July-August.

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Beaver / Remek Meel