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What is Tailor-made holiday?

Many of passengers have a particular speciality, be it ornithology, botany, zoology or photography, and are keen to expand their knowledge and experience into new countries. We cater for just such needs and regularly organize highly focused trips in our country, and would be delighted to discuss your requirements further. Whether you are traveling alone, with a group of friends, or are organising a natural history expedition for a photographic club, university or natural history society, we have the expertise to arrange your yourney to Estonia.

Beaver / Remek Meel



Birdwatching in Estonia

Birdwatching in Vihterpalu / Chris van Rijsvijk


Client comments:

"Thank you for a fantastic trip - it was a real pleasure being with you for two full days and we much enjoyed your company, your country and of course your birds!" J.T. & J.T. / Tailor-made holiday / May 2012

"I thought that a journey to Estonia in early Spring should be a bit bold due to difficulties to find out what I love most: wild animals. I was worried that all was sleeping, nevertheless I like to try and all went right. We had the chance to spot the best I have ever dreamt....the wolves.




Wolves / Marco Apostoli



They gave me some shivers that will rest with me forever. All around there were their prey: deer, wild boars, and even traks of other hunters - lynxes and bears. It was also a fantastic discovery of the right enviroment for birdwatching, even if the sky showed off only the first arrival of flocks. Maybe best of all has been the kind company of our guides, Marika and Mikko that now I can call friends... I am Italian... so when I am abroad and the sun has gone, nothing is as good as a chat and... a beer with new friends.
One little blemish?
You have to know that all italians are coffee-junkie so I christened Estonian coffee..."sock's water"... but that was only for fun...  After all it is not too bad once you get used to it.
Now I am happy to know that there are only few hours of flight between my house and heaven.
Great friends, great nature, great local food... all of these are well worth a visit. Thank you all very much ." M.A. /  March 2008, Italy / 

"We had a great time. Estonia is a wonderful country. I am sure we are coming back one day. Especially the Matsalu area was amazing. I've never seen so many wildflowers before.

The heat was o.k. for us ( we are getting used to it here in Belgium!! ). Only the kids had difficulties to get to sleep. Estonian houses/accommodation doesn't have curtains ( to make it dark at night ) or mosquito nets ( to keep windows open at night ) That made our trip difficult sometimes. But besides that, all the places you selected for us were very good with nice and helpful hosts. The infrastructure in nature reserves and national parks is outstanding. Better than in Belgium and amazing for a 'young' country like Estonia. And it is very easy to find the right way in your country. The brochure you gave me (Tierra Maritima - Land by the sea) was very useful and we found all the places we wanted to visit.

And the birds?... well I better come at another time of the year. Activity was very low, especially in the forests. It's not like Northern Scandinavia, were birds sing until mid July. I should remember that. What a petty that Estonia is that far for us. Otherwise we would come every year. There is so much more to discover.

And in general...Estonia has its environmental problems too indeed, and there will be many more when the E.U. creeps further into your lives. But the network of protected areas is impressive. I hope you people can lobby for their existence.

Thanks for everything.

I will encourage friend to visit Estonia" S.G. / July 2010, Belgium 

„The marinated pike / haug was a poem, also the rubarb tart! Thank you.“ L.M. / September 2001, UK /

„We had a wonderful weekend and Maire Toming was an excellent guide. Many thank for all the arrangements.“ S.S. / September 2002, British Embassy in Tallinn /

„We couldn´t have had a better guide for birds than Ivar. He is clear, businesslike and wonderfully enthusiastic, and has v.good English. Haeska was perfect. So was the surprise coffee stop... We saw lots of cranes, geese etc. afterwards, but perhaps not as many as Ivar would have liked, even though we were all happy. So he suggested that we go out again the next morning. We did, and there were 5000 + cranes and endless geese... It was one of the very best things of us had ever seen. Fantastic!“ L.M. / October 2002, UK /

„Thanks again for the wonderful trip you organised. We did not talk about anything else at the ferry back home! The only problem I see now is that birdwatching in Sweden will become so boring after knowing what we can be found on the other side of Baltic! I´m already planning to come back...“ M.B. / May 2003, Sweden /


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